The Vehicle Club is unique to the De Beers Retirement Resort. 

We believe that when you are in your golden years and you have made the wise choice of spending those years at the De Beers Retirement Resort, you deserve a hassle and stress-free environment.

Life Right Holders have exclusive use of the De Beers Retirement Resort Vehicle Club, thus eliminating your need to have your own vehicle stationed at the  resort.

We have a number of light sedan vehicles that are permanently on site at the resort and available through a rental pool, exclusive to Life Right Holders at a nominal fee.

You therefore don't have to be concerned about any of the following;

  • Cleaning and valets

  • Breakdowns

  • Maintenance & repairs

  • Services

  • Insurance 

  • Licensing & registration 

  • Depreciation

  • Storage

The Vehicle Club operates on a rental basis and Life Right Holders must make their reservation 48 hours in advance to rent a specific vehicle. Nominal rates are charged per kilometer and Life Right Holders are responsible for fuel consumption. Charges can be added to the Life Right Holders' accounts and is payable monthly in arrears. 

Should a driver be required, same can be arranged within the reservation period.

There are no limits to rental / usage time and whether Life Right Holders want  to go out for the day to visit friends or family, have a leisurely weekend breakaway or do a more extensive road trip, the Vehicle Club allows you the freedom to be mobile whenever you want.

Terms and conditions available on request.