Lifestyle Living Staff Reporter - 9/02/2018
The finishing external touches are currently being applied at the new De Beers Retirement Resort & Life Centre in Strand, Cape Town. 
Project Director, Mr Helge Bergendahl, says; "It's been a long road but we are almost there. The first phase of the new De Beers Retirement Resort development has been completed on time and we are now basically doing finishing touches such as the final external paint coat of the building, tiling and fitting of public areas and the restaurant, reception, library, business centre and physical rehab area. Many of the apartments are ready for occupation but we want to ensure that everything in the Resort is ready and operational when Life  Right residents commence occupation, which I believe is pretty soon. In all my 40+ years being involved in construction and developments, I have never seen a building with such tremendous structural integrity. I take my hat off to the Lifestyle Living developers, the architect and engineers for designing and building such a magnificent building. Not only is it a very strong and robust building with a unique architectural style, but once inside the property one can see that the developers have had only one thing in mind and that is to create the best retirement resort in the country and I have absolutely no doubt that they have achieved that objective.
For more information on the building itself and construction related queries, please feel free to communicate directly with Lifestyle Living on 082 851 5623
Lifestyle Living Staff Reporter - 20/05/2017
As a result of the new Level 4 water restrictions to be implemented by the City of Cape Town on 1 June 2017, Lifestyle Living has announced that it has no choice but to delay the second phase construction of the De Beers Retirement Resort in Strand.
The second phase comprise of a club house, under-cover heated pool and a botanical garden, which will be constructed on the northern boundary of the consolidated property.  
General Manager of the De Beers Retirement Resort, Mariaan van Niekerk, says; "It is a pity that we can't complete the second phase because we were ready to excavate the soil for the heated pool and to lay the lawn for the botanical garden. We do however understand that the new Level 4 water restriction is a critical measure because our dam levels are only at 10% and water will now be limited to 100 litres per day per person domestically. It really comes down to survival now and we must all do our bit to save water and hope and pray for the rains to come soon. Fortunately the second phase does not impact on the De Beers Retirement Resort in terms of occupation of the units and services such as catering, physical rehab etc. New occupants must just take note of the Level 4 water restrictions and also do their bit to curb consumption in their apartments and penthouses." 
For more information on the De Beers Retirement Resort itself, please feel free to communicate directly with Lifestyle Living on 082 851 5623